I suppose an introduction is in order. 

Hi there, thank you, and you. No, really you don’t need to applaud my introduction. Actually, yeah please do.  Seriously though, my goal of this blog is to create a site  that will (hopefully) stay continuously updated with projections, expectations, teams current movement (falling/rising/neutral), front office ratings and (hopefully) insight as to why they make the transactions they  make . Now, despite the  fact  I  am a die-hard Phillies fan another goal is for an unbiased approach to each team and realistic projections from Chones, Bill James and data from Fangraphs(thank you all). As well as other sources so we can all view how the teams are performing or how they are expected to  in the future based on starting rosters assembled and depth built on the bench/bullpen and minor league teams. There is one thing I ask demand from any visitor of  this site. Any point, argument, or thoughts you may posess be  posted in an insightful and respectful manner. I do enjoy some trash talking here and there, but keep it light please. This is intended for fans who wish to discuss their particular teams current state and the transactions surrounding the team. No rumors, just facts. Another  reason I am starting this site is because while I love  it when my team finishes  tops in their division I would prefer it that we have some good competition to challenge them along the way. There is nothing more I love in baseball then a well-run organization regardless of the team(that regretfully includes the Yankees).

As of now I plan to tackle this myself with possible help in  the future. The plan is to breakdown current rosters first and then follow up on the team with how it runs their organization from the front office and once again if possible a business standpoint. After all, as much as baseball is there for  the fan it  is also a profitable company and that  should always be in the back  of our minds.

Thank you for taking your time to stop by.